Uber Accident

With the emerging popularity of ride sharing services, there is also an increasing number of Uber and Lyft accident injuries and assaults. As a passenger, we are trusting our safety to the driver and hoping that they are making good driving decisions, as well as conducting themselves professionally and appropriately.

Uber Accident Lawyer Virginia Injury AttorneyThe more fares an Uber driver can pick up in the shortest amount of time, the more money they can make. This pattern can make the drivers more susceptible to an Uber Accident, or a ride sharing accident.

It is not unusual to see Uber and Lyft cars driving fast, making unsafe turns, and weaving in and out of traffic and tailing other vehicles. Also, many ride share drivers are distracted by their GPS devices, mobile devices, mobile phone apps, computers, and passengers. This distracted driving makes the ride sharing vehicles prone to an Uber accident, or a Lyft accident.

Common Uber and Lyft Accident Injuries

Uber and Lyft accidents can cause severe and devastating injuries to their passengers such as:

Our experienced personal injury law firm can help you with your Uber accident or Lyft Accident. A rideshare passenger may be able to recover compensation from the driver, other drivers, and from their own insurance company if they have been involved in an Uber accident, or Lyft accident. Passengers, in certain circumstances, may even be able to recover from the rideshare company. The Uber and Lyft drivers have a duty to their passengers to maintain their vehicles as well as the duty to maintain certain standards while transporting passengers.

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