Accomack Tractor Trailer Crash Killed Two People

Two people were killed in a tractor trailer crash in Accomack County July 9, 2018. It was reported that the driver of a 2004 Pontiac Rendezous, Juan Enriquez Martinez ran a red light and pulled out in front of a 2014 Peterbilt tractor trailer, driven by Juan Carlos Melgarego Borrego, that was headed southbound on Route 13, Lankford Highway.

Mr. Martinez, his wife and their two daughters were in the Pontiac. The crash killed Mr. Martinez and his wife. Their two daughters were in the back seat and survived but suffered serious injuries and were taken to Sentara Norfolk General for treatment.

This tragedy has left two children without their parents, and this was something they both witnessed. What a horrible misfortune for them to have to work through this ordeal. We are hoping that these children have other family members in close proximity for support and guidance through this time of mourning.

Unfortunately, the normal sized family vehicle cannot hold up to the force of a moving tractor trailer. Many times, driver’s will stop quickly while in front of a larger truck. Every driver must realize that something bigger than you cannot stop as fast as you. No one should every pull out in front of a tractor-trailer. It just does not end well!

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If You Have Lost Someone In An Accomack Tractor Trailer Crash

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